Posting content exclusively to Medium is the way forward. The days of the personally-hosted blog as your main online “voice” are numbered. Why spend your time messing around with SEO, plugin and DNS settings when platforms like Medium make it as easy possible to do the important thing; publishing great content and getting it in front of as many people as possible?

Blogs, for all but the few who want to put real time and effort in, are like fanzines in the days of print; vanity publications that no one really reads. The amount of effort it takes to get a handful of views is totally disproportionate.

The whole “but if it’s on my self-hosted blog then I’ve got full control of the content” argument isn’t really valid, either. What’s the value in owning your content if no one reads it? In a previous life I was a (relatively) successful music journalist. It was far better for my career to have articles published through NME or Dazed & Confused than on my own site.

I’ve been publishing my own writing online since the early days of Blogger. I’ve shared millions of words through more (now mostly defunct) blogs than I can remember. The biggest lesson I’ve learned? Don’t try and bring people to your stories, take your stories to the places where people will read them.

Medium is by far the best way to do that right now. Why water it down by republishing content you’ve already used somewhere else? How many vanity pamphlet articles were ever republished in the New York Times, anyway?

Writing about product, strategy, creativity and innovation; dad, husband, writer, musician; Head of Product @MyPebble

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